Metal Spraying

We offer several types of metal spraying that included thermal, wire, abradable, thermal barrier, and high energy Plasma spray.

Metal Spraying is a thermal process that produces a high-quality surface coating to components by using fuel gas mixed with oxygen to melt spray coating powders, by propelling the coating on to surfaces.

Metal Spraying is a cost-effective method to recover fretted or worn areas of components.

Benefits and applications include large and complex components can be sprayed, and the coatings offer excellent wear resistance and outstanding impact resistance.

Coatings that can be sprayed include, Aluminium, Zinc, Stainless Steel, Bronze, Low carbon steels, Nickel based alloys and Molybdenum

Metal Spraying is typically used to repair nozzle guide vane blade paths, shaft with worn areas, and thermal barrier coatings on components such as combustion liners.

• Thermal Spraying
• Wire Spraying
• Abradable Coatings
• Thermal Barrier Coatings
• High Energy Plasma Deposition

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