Thermal Processing

Heat Treatment is a controlled process that changes the micro structure of alloys that benefits the components with increased surface hardness and temperature resistance and strength.

Vacuum brazing is a specialised process of fusing metals and joints together with the added benefits of no oxidation and limited or no distortion.

Components such as turbine nozzle guide vanes and turbine honeycomb segments can be processed and repaired using Vacuum brazing

• Vacuum Brazing up to 1220 Deg C ( Hot Zone up to 1 meter in Dia)
• Vacuum Heat Treatment ( As above)
• Air Ovens up to 1200 Deg C ( Hot Zone up to 1 meter)
• Fluoride Ion Cleaning ( This is required to successfully vacuum braze cracks in Inconel and Mar M based alloys)
• Sub-zero Treatments To enable hardening and tempering
• RF Induction Brazing using coils to enable metals such as brass, aluminium, and copper, and substances such as silicon to be brazed

Process Capability